Another Great Banners by Donna

by ktstamps, 3:52 PM
Kisses Donna, you are the best and I thank you so much for creating these beautiful works of art! Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

I told Donna she should do this as a business. Aren’t these banners incredible! I pick out the pictures and she puts it together. I CAN NOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO DO THIS! I am usually pretty good with computer stuff but this photo graphic stuff, just blows my mind! Please visit Donna’s blog! If you would like to help her start her business…I’ll give you her email! Bow Down Wave

A basket for you!

by ktstamps, 6:28 PM

I saw this post the other day about a criss-cross basket. Nancy did a great tutorial on how to make this basket. Please click here to check it out! So, I had to make a basket for Easter. This is my version on a great little basket. I hope the Easter bunny will hop to my house and bless me with goodness.

OH!!!!! The bunnies butt is so cute! I found the wonderful bunny on My Creative Corner! Please check out her website here.

I have to get back to the basketball games! I LOVE MY LIFE!!!! kt

I am ready for the Dance!

by ktstamps, 6:56 PM
I love this time of the year. I can hardly wait to come home tomorrow after work and be a couch potato. I love the feeling of excitement, the disappointment of defeat, and the great plays that these athletes perform. (Yes, I like to see that underdogs beat the #1’s. I just don’t want Stanford women to lose!)
I miss being at school where the kids are attached to teams, we have the games going all day with kids spending their free watching the games. Last year the kids taught me how to watch it on my computer so I could watch different games and keep up with the “Road to the Final Four!”
I am a real supporter for the women’s tournament. In my younger days, I went to the Final Four games and saw all the great teams, sat in front or behind the bands, was bummed when my team lost, or celebrated when my team won!
I don’t watch the pro men’s. They are boring to me and it’s all about the money! “What IF,” we had the pro teams play only one game to see who was going to be the REAL winner??? I think those games would be incredible. That is another story!

If I am not blogging, you’ll know where to find me! :)

Have a great day! kt

Yearly Rituals

by ktstamps, 1:50 PM

Every year, we get two ducks that visit our backyard pool. Mind you, the pool is really dirty, weather is Seattle is usually raining, AND we bought the house with the pool! But…every year these two ducks come back and visit! Usually they are walking around on the blue thermal blanket we have on top. They have been coming to visit for about 5 years. It’s only the two of them and they swim around and our 4 cats just sit on the side of the pool waaaaatching! The ducks will be in the pool for about 4-6 hours and then leave. Every now and then they come back in the summer to say Hellloooooo to us!

I feel so blessed to have a backyard that allows us to honor animals. This morning I fed the birds. I had sooo many in my front yard. I learned about animals from one of the greatest men in my life…Harry Swetnam! He was a man of incredible presence and life! He taught me that you respect all animals small and large. (Yes, I freak at times when I have to deal with mice, rats, spiders.)

I don’t know where this story is going…but I wanted to share my animal life with you! Have a great day! kt

I got this hippo stamp set 20+ years ago! It was made from a company called Rubber Duck. Has anyone out there in blog land heard of this company? Due to the fact I am a physical education teacher and my love is hippos...I bought the stamp! So today was the first day I have every used it on a card. I used to use it on students papers! I saw this tilt card a few days ago and thought I had a great idea for the lion in SU’s Wild about you! I couldn’t get it to work…so I have lost all the spare keys to the house, rental house, cars, PO box, etc…and I found this bag of old stamps! (Boy my stories ARE just getting longer!) So I put together this card. I found the tutorial on Oodabug Alley and wanted to share a rare creative card with you!
Can you see how his feet have moved...he is running very hard and happy while he is doing his work-out! On the side I stamped words from A Muse called Inspiring words. Hopefully you can see them on the side of the card. When I work out, I like to think I can dream, believe, share, celebrate, create, become, and enjoy! Words to live by! Have a great day! kt

Happy St Patrick's Day!

by ktstamps, 8:18 PM
Hippos, I love Hippos. Every since I was a young child I was focused on Hippos. When I was in Big Fork Montana, we stopped at a ceramic stand on the side of the road. Each one of us kids got to choice a bank. They had all sort of animals. I, of course, was the most thoughtful. I realized that if I choose an animal…it would be for life. I have always been a cat and a dog person. So, if they had one of those ceramic animals, maybe I would be telling you a different story! This place had giraffes, alligators, monkeys, lions, etc. My choice had to be one that I would have for a long time. (Now as this story gets longer…I have to tell you I STILL have the hippo bank.) I chose this weird animal. I felt it best described me at that moment in life. I did research on “this hippo” and decided it was a good fit for me. Then, I fell in love with hippos, especially purple hippos. My room is full of hippos, my office is full of hippos, all over my house are hippos….you getting this! So when SU had hippos…I had to buy them! NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
Yes, I still use my hippo bank. I have only been in it once in my life. I have saved money since I was in grade school and when I was 30 something decided I wanted a TV and broke into my bank. I had enough to buy the TV! But I started saving again. Now my hippo just collects all the new nickels, dollars, 50 cent coins, $2 bills, etc.
Here is my Easter basket made with my Hippo! It’s really an envelope that was created by Cambria Turnbow. I Love this bag!
This came from Julie's website called Paper Pleasing Ideas! She has some great tutorials and this on is incredible! Thank you Julie for sharing this with us!

Baby Card for a friend

by ktstamps, 3:31 PM
I have a friend who is having a baby girl in April. I decided to case this card for her. I don’t remember where I got the pattern but it is sooo sweet! She isn’t a rubber stamper, but I am hoping one day she will be knocking at my door! (I don’t remember what blog I got the pattern or instruction from but I have to say thank you. This is such a great way to make a baby card! Really, I can’t thank you enough!)
Stamp set: Bundle of Love
Cardstock: Pretty in Pink, Whisper white
Ink: Basic Black
Accessories: Soft subtle, 1 3/8” circle punch, and scallop punch

Basketball, Basketball, Basketball

by ktstamps, 2:46 PM
My last few days have been spent watching basketball.

A long story getting longer…I use to be an assistant coach the HS girl’s team for about…20+ years. After my retirement, I didn’t want to be involved in the program, go to any games, or be a b-ball coach! I wanted to go back to volleyball coaching and become a better coach in that sport. WELLLL…because I took this year off with as an un-paid leave…I needed to make some money…the Middle school needed a 6th grade coach. I said I would only coach with Jamie! So the Athletic Director worked her magic to get us to coach together. I really enjoyed these girls but I think I was a bit tooooo intense for them. OOPS! Then the 7th grade team needed help…so OF COURSE…me to the rescue! So I assisted the coach. J Now I am running back and forth between both teams. WELL…the story is getting longer…both teams qualified for play-offs. The 6th graders were deer in the headlights…they were so scared…so our undefeated team went to hell in a hand basket! LOL! But I felt it was good for them…they will be hungry for next year!
The 7th grade girls won a great game in semi-finals. They had only lost one game this season…you guessed it, to the team we were playing for the championship! The girls were scared but we did a good job but lost in the end. The girls will be ready for next year.
Now the H.S. girls qualified for state! When you live with the coach…you have to support the coach, the team, and the school! NO MATTER WHAT! So, on Wednesday, the girls played at 9:00 PM but the game started at 10 PM. On Thursday, I have to be to work by 4:15 AM! I was sooo tired on 2 hours sleep. Yes, I had to debrief with the coach about the players, game, etc. OH…we lost. (Our state, if you lose 2 games, you are out!) Thursday the girls played at 2:00 PM. The girls won and move on to Friday. The coach’s goal was to play on Saturday…that is hardware time! SO…the girls won on Friday and played at 10 AM on Saturday for 5th or 8th! Well, the girls played a great game but didn’t shoot the ball very well. I think they shot 50 times and made 15-20%. They only lost by 7 and held the best player to only 6 points. (She hasn’t been in single digits all year long!) So, they got 8th in the State. I was so proud of the girls, the coaches, and the school. But I have to say…it has been pretty intense and I am pretty tired. I was supposed to work on Sunday, daylight savings time. OMG! But another co-worker came through and worked for me! So, that has been my last few weeks.