I am ready for the Dance!

by ktstamps, 6:56 PM
I love this time of the year. I can hardly wait to come home tomorrow after work and be a couch potato. I love the feeling of excitement, the disappointment of defeat, and the great plays that these athletes perform. (Yes, I like to see that underdogs beat the #1’s. I just don’t want Stanford women to lose!)
I miss being at school where the kids are attached to teams, we have the games going all day with kids spending their free watching the games. Last year the kids taught me how to watch it on my computer so I could watch different games and keep up with the “Road to the Final Four!”
I am a real supporter for the women’s tournament. In my younger days, I went to the Final Four games and saw all the great teams, sat in front or behind the bands, was bummed when my team lost, or celebrated when my team won!
I don’t watch the pro men’s. They are boring to me and it’s all about the money! “What IF,” we had the pro teams play only one game to see who was going to be the REAL winner??? I think those games would be incredible. That is another story!

If I am not blogging, you’ll know where to find me! :)

Have a great day! kt
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