Basketball, Basketball, Basketball

by ktstamps, 2:46 PM
My last few days have been spent watching basketball.

A long story getting longer…I use to be an assistant coach the HS girl’s team for about…20+ years. After my retirement, I didn’t want to be involved in the program, go to any games, or be a b-ball coach! I wanted to go back to volleyball coaching and become a better coach in that sport. WELLLL…because I took this year off with as an un-paid leave…I needed to make some money…the Middle school needed a 6th grade coach. I said I would only coach with Jamie! So the Athletic Director worked her magic to get us to coach together. I really enjoyed these girls but I think I was a bit tooooo intense for them. OOPS! Then the 7th grade team needed help…so OF COURSE…me to the rescue! So I assisted the coach. J Now I am running back and forth between both teams. WELL…the story is getting longer…both teams qualified for play-offs. The 6th graders were deer in the headlights…they were so scared…so our undefeated team went to hell in a hand basket! LOL! But I felt it was good for them…they will be hungry for next year!
The 7th grade girls won a great game in semi-finals. They had only lost one game this season…you guessed it, to the team we were playing for the championship! The girls were scared but we did a good job but lost in the end. The girls will be ready for next year.
Now the H.S. girls qualified for state! When you live with the coach…you have to support the coach, the team, and the school! NO MATTER WHAT! So, on Wednesday, the girls played at 9:00 PM but the game started at 10 PM. On Thursday, I have to be to work by 4:15 AM! I was sooo tired on 2 hours sleep. Yes, I had to debrief with the coach about the players, game, etc. OH…we lost. (Our state, if you lose 2 games, you are out!) Thursday the girls played at 2:00 PM. The girls won and move on to Friday. The coach’s goal was to play on Saturday…that is hardware time! SO…the girls won on Friday and played at 10 AM on Saturday for 5th or 8th! Well, the girls played a great game but didn’t shoot the ball very well. I think they shot 50 times and made 15-20%. They only lost by 7 and held the best player to only 6 points. (She hasn’t been in single digits all year long!) So, they got 8th in the State. I was so proud of the girls, the coaches, and the school. But I have to say…it has been pretty intense and I am pretty tired. I was supposed to work on Sunday, daylight savings time. OMG! But another co-worker came through and worked for me! So, that has been my last few weeks.
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