Happy St Patrick's Day!

by ktstamps, 8:18 PM
Hippos, I love Hippos. Every since I was a young child I was focused on Hippos. When I was in Big Fork Montana, we stopped at a ceramic stand on the side of the road. Each one of us kids got to choice a bank. They had all sort of animals. I, of course, was the most thoughtful. I realized that if I choose an animal…it would be for life. I have always been a cat and a dog person. So, if they had one of those ceramic animals, maybe I would be telling you a different story! This place had giraffes, alligators, monkeys, lions, etc. My choice had to be one that I would have for a long time. (Now as this story gets longer…I have to tell you I STILL have the hippo bank.) I chose this weird animal. I felt it best described me at that moment in life. I did research on “this hippo” and decided it was a good fit for me. Then, I fell in love with hippos, especially purple hippos. My room is full of hippos, my office is full of hippos, all over my house are hippos….you getting this! So when SU had hippos…I had to buy them! NO QUESTIONS ASKED!
Yes, I still use my hippo bank. I have only been in it once in my life. I have saved money since I was in grade school and when I was 30 something decided I wanted a TV and broke into my bank. I had enough to buy the TV! But I started saving again. Now my hippo just collects all the new nickels, dollars, 50 cent coins, $2 bills, etc.
Here is my Easter basket made with my Hippo! It’s really an envelope that was created by Cambria Turnbow. I Love this bag!
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