Yearly Rituals

by ktstamps, 1:50 PM

Every year, we get two ducks that visit our backyard pool. Mind you, the pool is really dirty, weather is Seattle is usually raining, AND we bought the house with the pool! But…every year these two ducks come back and visit! Usually they are walking around on the blue thermal blanket we have on top. They have been coming to visit for about 5 years. It’s only the two of them and they swim around and our 4 cats just sit on the side of the pool waaaaatching! The ducks will be in the pool for about 4-6 hours and then leave. Every now and then they come back in the summer to say Hellloooooo to us!

I feel so blessed to have a backyard that allows us to honor animals. This morning I fed the birds. I had sooo many in my front yard. I learned about animals from one of the greatest men in my life…Harry Swetnam! He was a man of incredible presence and life! He taught me that you respect all animals small and large. (Yes, I freak at times when I have to deal with mice, rats, spiders.)

I don’t know where this story is going…but I wanted to share my animal life with you! Have a great day! kt
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