Stamping on Chocolate

by ktstamps, 9:29 AM

I love Susan Rice's idea of stamping on Chocolate.   This technique is for all those people who love chocolate and stamping.

Give a hand stamped romantic treat to your sweetheart by stamping extra special chocolates. You will need some cooking oil, store bought chocolates, little paper liners for individual chocolates to sit in and small clear acrylic rubber stamps. Experiment with different chocolate brands. It may be easiest to begin on solid chocolates.

1. Place a small amount of vegetable oil on a paper towel and allow it to absorb. Take your choice of new acrylic rubber stamps and dab it in the oil. It is important that you use new rubber stamps for this as the finished product will be consumed and you don't want any ink coming off the stamps onto the chocolate.

2. Heat the surface of the chocolate with a heat embossing tool.

3. Place the oiled clear rubber stamp (without a stamping block) into the melted chocolate. Refrigerate the chocolate with the clear stamp still in the chocolate. Complete your set of chocolates using different rubber stamp images.

4. Once the chocolate has solidified, bring it out of the fridge and gently peel the clear acrylic stamp from the surface of the chocolate.

5. Package your personalized, unique stamped chocolates in a box. Add a little colored tissue paper if you like. Be sure to clean your clear rubber stamps with soapy water as you don't want any traces of chocolate or oil left especially if you plan on converting your clear stamps over for use on paper crafts.

6. Make a coordinating Valentines Day card to go along with your gift of heart.

That is it! It is easy and it is yummy! Rubber stamping with clear stamps on food is a completely unique way to say Happy Valentines Day!

• Stamp a favorite image in a plain sugar cookie before baking.
• Stamp a flower into fondant, cut it out and decorate cakes or other goodies with it.
• Write a special message in a chocolate bar with this technique for an unexpected surprise.

Use your imagination in the kitchen, stamp on anything that will hold an image. Remember, if it doesn't work - you might have to eat it! No matter how unbelievable, enjoy rubber stamping fabulous sweet treats!

Susan loves to craft and particularly enjoys card making with all its forms of art. Using stamps for more than just card making has become a fun challenge for her as well. Visit for more ideas.

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