What does it all mean???

by ktstamps, 5:27 AM

Seeing more clearly Acrylic stamps, clear stamps, photopolymer stamps... what exactly does it all mean? Today we explain the differences between these materials to help you make sure you get the quality you're paying for!

If you've ever bought a clear stamp only to find that after a few impressions it no longer sticks properly to your acrylic block, chances are you've bought a stamp made from molded silicon. These stamps are generally made abroad using molding silicon material to imitate photo-polymer. Why do they want to imitate photo-polymer? Read on!

Silicon is incredibly cheap, which is great for manufacturers but which doesn't necessarily result in the product that you, the paying customer, wants! If a molded silicon stamp can't adhere to your acrylic block and transfer ink correctly, then it ain't a stamp!

Silicon is great for sealing your bathtub But ink transfer? Photopolymer stamps are basically 2nd generation from digital art, whereas molded-silicon stamps are generally 4th or 5th generation from digital art. Less steps between the digital art and the finished stamps means higher resolution.

So why do molded silicon stamp manufacturers try to make their stamps look like photo-polymer ? Because stamp photo-polymer is specifically designed and engineered for ink transfer, period! Silicon is great for sealing your bathtub, but ink transfer? If you've ever tried to paint your wall at the edge of your bathtub or sink which has been sealed by silicon, then you'll know what we're talking about!

So how can you be sure that you're spending your precious dollars on stamps which are going to go the distance, which are going to correctly adhere and ink during their lifetime and which you wouldn't be ashamed to swap with another stamper?

The answer is obvious. Make sure your stamps are made from photo-polymer. If it is, it'll be marked on the packaging. If the stamps are extremely difficult to remove from the clear backing - chances are they are silicone and not photopolymer.

STAMPAVIE photopolymer clear stamps are all manufactured in the USA using highest quality photopolymer materials and processes based on nearly 30 years of experience.

Remember, if you see imported, non-photopolymer stamps selling for prices similar to photopolymer stamps, you're paying way too much!

Happy stamping!
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