10 items with ludicrous markups

by ktstamps, 3:53 AM
Found this article about the 10 items with the biggest mark-up.

Image: Cards

 8. Greeting cards: 200 percent markup

The best greeting cards anyone ever keeps, are those made by hand. Either the crayon scribble of a child or a heartfelt note by a friend, are more likely to be kept forever than a generic card bought at the grocery store for $2 or $4.

So why do people pay the 200 percent markup that stores put on greeting cards? For the convenience. Buying that mass-produced card is a lot easier than making one at home. If you don't want to draw your own card, then print one out online. Paper and ink cost money, but printing them at home for virtually nothing beats paying $4 at the store.

This really opened my eyes about how important it is for me to get my LOVE of craft out to the PUBLIC!   Here is the link to read about the other items.
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