Cards Too Plain???

by ktstamps, 3:13 PM
Have you ever made a card, and in the end found that it was just too plain- too simple? That it was lacking and needed.....something?

Well here are a couple of ideas to help you "jazz up" those cards that just "need something".

1.  Grab your white gel pen and put on some faux stitching- yes- draw on faux stitching- instant pizzazz!

2.  To take it up another notch and get a 3D effect, grab your Essentials Piercing Templates and paper piercing tool, and pierce a design ( or make perfectly straight lines) and then use the white gel pen ( or black marker) to connect the dots!

White Gel Pen:

Essentials Paper Piercing Templates:

Samples of Faux Stitching with white gel pen or marker (no holes)- gives definition and dimension:

Sample of Paper Piercing and then filling in stitches with gel pen and marker:

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