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Let’s talk about a very handy and inexpensive tool that most crafters can’t live without. Have you ever heard of Stampin Up's Take Your Pick Tool? It's one of those tools that when you have it, you don't know how you ever lived without it. I want to share all the uses this tool has and how I use it with almost every project I create!

Here is how Stampin’ Up! describes the Take your Pick: “Multipurpose pickup and precision tool simplifies meticulous tasks. Includes 2 exchangeable, double-ended tips with a paper piercer, mini spatula, small stylus, large stylus, and a tacky putty tip that picks up sequins, paper accents, and other small objects.”


Let’s talk about this.

This is a 5 in 1 tool. It has a nice no-slip rubbery grip as well as 2 functional tips. The first is a putty end used for picking up sequins, sliding gems, dots, and jewels off their window sheet, and adding them to your projects. You can pick up small slices of paper – glue them and use them to line the small paper piece where you want it! Just unscrew the end and you have a refill when you run out! I love this putty tool!


The other end has a mini spatula and a paper piercer. The spatula is helpful when sliding under embellishments, tear &
tape, shaving off the chalk, and is a nice pallet knife. Have you ever placed something in the wrong spot, this is perfect for lifting and replacing your embellishments without damaging them. The pointy tool is a wonderful paper piercer, you can make small holes around stamps, and shapes to enhance the focal part of the card. It also helps when taking off embellishments if you don't want to use the putty, takes off the tops of dimensionals, and helps with detailed dies to get out paper that gets stuck in them.


You can exchange the ends to a large/small stylus. Either end can be used with the Simply Scored scoring tool. If you happen to misplace that stylus, either one can score for you. If you want to add some custom scoring on a card, a stamped image, or vellum, this will give you that freedom to do so.



Next, we have the Take Your Pick Crafters tips. These tips fit in the Take Your Pick. Simply remove a tip and insert a different tip for the task you have at hand. These can take you to the next level of crafting. Stampin’ Up! says this: “Interchangeable tips for Take your Pick tool. Set of 3 tips: hobby blade, pick tip, rotary perforating tip. Includes protective end caps.” The hobby blade is used for precision cutting. Just grab your ruler and you can create peek-throughs, cuts that don't always work well or easily with your paper trimmer, or cuts that are longer than your paper trimmer. It is a lot like an X-acto knife.


We have a double-end piercing and a little "hook" tip. The long straight end is like a needle tip. It can get into closed areas, and it will make fine holes when piercing. The hook end is wonderful for getting under tear and tape. As you know, sometimes you have to really work at getting the top layer of tape off, this will create some ease for you.


Last is a rotary perforating tip. This is great for cutting perforated patterns for cards or creating a bookmark card for friends. The blade has a protective cover and when you slide it down, it will expose the blade.


The hobby blade can be changed out with a standard #11 blade and the rotary tip uses a standard #28 cutting or perforating blade.



The die brush tip comes with 2 foam pads. When you die cut and pieces of paper get stuck, just put the die on the foam pad and brush back and forth. This helps get all those delicate or hard pieces in your dies.

If you do have a hard time, you can always use your pocky tool to help you out.

Thank you for stopping by!

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