Fancy Fold Friday is here

by ktstamps, 2:56 PM

I wanted to push myself to create some videos that I can share with you. On every other Wednesday, I am doing "What's New with SU" and on every other Friday, I am doing "Fancy Fold Friday. My last couple of days have been weird and sad. Yesterday my partner lost their cell phone. We are care taking her brother who just got out of the hospital two weeks ago. The phone has all the contacts needed for her brother. (Bummer) We were going to a workshop out of state and needed a phone...I was trading her mine for a refurbish computer froze, could order the phone until after 5...we wont get the phone even with over night shipping until Monday...too late. Last night went to check on bro and he had a heart attack and died. I was calling 911, police, mother, daughter, sister, and brothers. OH MY! So today was getting the plans, calling the DR, friends, etc. Needless to say, we are not going to the workshop! So my video is a little late today! (Long story for a short post!)


Here is what we are making. It is a Gate Fold card. This is an easy fold but it can be so beautiful. Please click here to get the Gate Card

My Coffe Gate fold Card

Please enjoy the you tube video!

Here are a couple of examples of other Gate fold Cards

[caption id="attachment_3477" align="alignnone" width="323"]Birthday Gate Fold Card Birthday Gate Fold Card[/caption]

Opening of birthday gate fold

 Creating Cards for You!

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