It's SEAHAWK Day in Seattle

by ktstamps, 3:29 AM
Go Hawks

Isn't this AWESOME!   Kerri, who is my sideline, shared this great banner that her daughter, Abby made.  I Love this!

Here are some stats about the game:

Super Bowl 48

4 + 8 = 12

1st score in the first half was in 12 seconds

1st SEAHAWK touchdown was at 12 minutes exactly in the 2nd quarter

1st score in the 2nd half was at 12 seconds

Wilson's total passing yards was 206 - which is Seattle's area code!

Seahawks final score - 43

4 times 3 = 12

This is what teams are made of....Together Each Achieves More!

Well Done Seahawks...thank you for including the 12th man as part of your team!


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