This information is from Kimberly Morris.   She has created BATS out of the butterfly punches.   This is one of the best tutorials ever!   Kimberly is soooo creative.   Thank you Kimberly for this wonderful idea!

There has been an idea running around about how to use the Bitty Butterfly Punch and the Elegant Butterfly Punch to make bats. However, I have only seen it done using additional punches. So, I am going to share a quick tip on how to make the bats using only each butterfly punch itself. That's how I made the bats on the card below--this is literally a two minute card, very easy:

The rest is just some pictures, showing how to do this. I basically just punched out a butterfly, then put a dab of SNAIL adhesive of the back, tacked that to the edge of some scratch paper, and punched parts off the bottom of the punched pieces. Check out the pictures below to see where to line up your punch to take the "bite" out of the punched piece. If you don't punch enough, no worries--just slide it back down into the punch and "bite" off a little more :-)

You can see on the butterfly above, you actually want to cut up into the upper wing area just a little bit. For the butterfly below, you'll want to come in just right under the wings. Remember, take another "bite" with the punch if you didn't trim off quite enough the first time. I actually took a second tiny bite with this smaller butterfly to get the look I wanted.

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Again, thanks to Kimberly for this great tutorial!

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