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Well it is about time that I talk about convention.   WHAT a great time!   I learned so much,  meet incredible woman I now call my friends, and swapped my life away.

On Thursday,  we traveled about 30 or so minutes to Riverton.   This is where to main office is located.

This is the entrance to Stampin Up.


It is a large building that goes on forever when you are inside.

When we walked in and this was the first thing we saw.


The main area was beautiful.   This was my first trip to the main office and I was impressed.   The main theme of convention was be the difference.

As you move around the main entrance, there are lots of parts to this building.   When you walked in and turned left, you ended up in this long line but you got to see how the employees use Stampin Up as home decor.   Here are a few pictures of what I am talking about.


This was awesome.   I didn't say it would be easy projects they used to decorate the house.

Then you walk down the stairs and this is what you would see when you are having lunch or taking a coffee break.


Can you say WOW!

Then if you go to the far end of the building you run into the packaging area.   OMG!

makin boxeswarehouse1All the stamps and accessoriesLoading orders

The first picture is where workers do is put boxes together.   They can put them together really fast.   The next two pictures are all the stamps and accessories.   I don't know how many football fields it takes to make up this warehouse.   I was blown away.   The last is the employees putting an order together.   The workers collect the supplies by a blinking green light.   Then the workers go to that light and put the supplies in the box.   It was amazing to see this process!

We got to walk through the demonstrator support.   This is who we call when we have questions, missing items, broken items, etc.   Everyone I have ever talked to is so incredibly kind.   They have their desks decorated with cards they have received.

desks full of cards

What a great way to start your day by being blessed with handcraft cards and projects.   It is a happy place to work.

Thank you Stampin Up for a great day!   Thank you for sharing this walk down memory lane!

Creating cards for you!
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