My Digital Studio 2

by ktstamps, 11:51 AM

Here is a great video getting you excited about MDS!

Here are some of the changes to look forward to::

  • The ability to design scrapbook pages in spreads instead of just single pages.  You'll be able to design two adjoining pages at one time, and be sure you like how they fit together.

  • You can create custom canvas sizes, instead of being limited to the few sizes available in the original version.  For example, if you want to design a 3" x 5" card now, that size isn't available as a canvas, and you'll have to design it in a larger size and cut it down.  In MDS 2 you'll chose the dimensions YOU want.

  •  In my studio, I often color a stamp with different markers to get a multi-colored image--especially with flowers and leaves.  With MDS 2 you'll be able to do that digitally.

  • Do you ever get frustrated when resizing an image and find it getting fuzzy and distorted?  With MDS 2, you'll be able to change size without losing any of the crisp detail of the original image.

If you purchased My Digital Studio on or after May 8, 2012, you'll be able to upgrade to MDS 2 for FREE.  If you've had MDS longer than that, the upgrade, including all 75 new features, will only cost $19.95. 

MDS 30-day trial


So what should you do now?  Keep using My Digital Studio, and advantage of the new digital content Stampin' Up! releases each week.

If you haven't tried MDS yet, download the FREE 30-Day Trial and get started today discovering the fun of digital creations.  All of the design functions are included in the trial version.

When the 30 days are up, you'll be able to purchase the trial version for $39.95, or you can choose the full CD version with an extra $500 worth of digital content for $79.95. 

Please take advantage of this wonderful deal!

Thanks for stopping by!

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