Still Dreaming of convention

by ktstamps, 8:44 PM
Here I am in the Memento mall enjoying being away from the rain we are having this summer. Salt Lake was fabulous due to the fact it was warm! I am hoping that the sun is coming out for more than 2 days in a row!
This is one of the decoration they had in the hallways encouraging us to grow our business. I also thought it was important to take a good look within and do some spiritual growing.

This is one of the nicest cards I saw at convention. I LOVE, I MEAN I LOVE this sunflower stamp. The artist did an awesome job!

Here are a couple of bulletin board with cards and scrapbook pages on them. It is so amazing taking pictures of all these bulletin board filled with cards. You have so much respect for all the creators. It is really incredible to be around so much creative energy...I realize, this is what I want to do. Creating cards gives me a sense of peace within, a desire to create wonderful cards, and to encourage others to buy handmade cards!

Thank you so much for stopping by!

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