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I told myself that I would only attend convention if I was chosen to be a make and take helper. Well....
I was going through my email in May and I was just deleting over 1000 of them with out reading them. (During school my emails can be toooo many and I just can't read them all!) I don't know why I stopped to read this one was from SU telling me I was picked to be a make and take helper. I was so excited and started to safe all my money to go to Salt Lake City! I had a blast. It really was a dream of a life time. I got to walk across the stage for recruiting and it was one of the best things I have ever done. (I would like to that again!)
I went through 7 roommate. Most wanted to save money and go with 5-7 people in a room. I just couldn't do that. (Been there and didn't want to visit again! Only one bathroom!!!!) And I got this wonderful mom of three from Cedar City to room with me! She was just what I needed. We talked a lot, stayed up tooo long, and just really connected on a higher level. Thank you so much Jessi for being the perfect person to be my roommate! Here I am with Jessi right before the Opening session is to begin. The place was pact and we just had so much fun taking lots of pictures.
Before I leave you I will share one of my card I did for the Black and White Swap. I think it turned out great.

Thank you for stopping by!

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