Gotta love the big shot!

by ktstamps, 9:44 PM

I found this great tutorial on why it is so important you buy the big shot and then JOIN me for our BS gathering. (BS stands for Big shot...and all you think we do is talk!)

This is where you bring your Big Shots machines to my house and make three projects. Pricing is $5 for those who bought a Big Shot from me, an advantage of buying from me and $15 if you purchased from somewhere else or you don’t have one. All of you will start a binder ring and each time you come you will cut another material to add to you ring so you have a visual reminder of all the things the BS can cut. Our first gathering will be on Friday September 18th from 7-9PM. If you are interested in attending, please email me!

This video was brought to us from"Where the Rubber hits the road!" Press here to see her incredible blog! Thank you Linda for sharing this video with us! (You crack me up!)

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