I am back and ready to roll!

by ktstamps, 4:30 PM

As many of you know, I have taken a year off teaching and I am working at Starbucks. This has always been a dream of mine and I have enjoyed living my dream. (I do miss my wonderful acrylic nails!) I have applied for a sabbatical to work at the Living Desert in Palm Springs, CA area. OMG! This all came true in April. I transferred to Starbuck’s in PS and volunteer at the Living Desert in the Butterfly house.
Have you ever had all the playing cards fall in your favor without many obstacles to get in the way! WELL…this happened to me. School paid for a month of my housing, I transferred to the Downtown Starbuck store, and I worked at the Living Desert. I was and still am on cloud nine. I feel I have created a great reality!
I fell in love with the Starbuck store…the manager and asst. manager were the best! I got along sooo well with them. I call them great friends and soul mates. I miss both of them every day!
IT WAS HOT! I love the sun. The temperature was between 85-100 every day! (I come back to Washington State; it has rained over 8 days out of the 10 I have been home. My body is sooo cold that I am still wearing flannel P.J.’s and I have flannel sheets on my bed!)
My heart could live their all year around! Enough of that! My knees loved the warm weather too!
I volunteered at the butterfly house. When you walk into this building and see all these beautiful creatures flying around, you know what heaven is like.
You can hold the butterflies but I have found the secret to them landing on you or allowing you to pick them up is inner peace. I would leave the fast pace of Starbucks and walk into heaven. All your cares go away and you get to be with these gentle, serene beings that hatch and live up to two weeks. WOW! How great is that!!!

More stories as the week progresses!

I will share my coach’s clipboards tomorrow and a few cards. I didn’t do a lot of stamping but I got to learn a lot about me! Thanks for stopping by today. kt
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