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Lately I have set aside time to stamp! Long periods of time but I get caught up in reading blogs, buying stamps, and well my favorite “P” word…procrastination! I can’t believe what I put in my way so I can’t stamp. I use reams of paper to copy cards, templates, classes but I want to spend more time creating! I wonder why I get in my own way! WOW! I can sit in front of this computer for hours on end and just read. It amazes me that the internet, blogs, etc are so interesting! (Really, I love the idea of surfing the net to find new ideas, read about people, and find classes I would like to have for my customers!) Tonight I made two cards. One is my favorite card I have every seen…this was a must to create! I just laugh at the thought of how easy it is but how funny it is! (Yes, I am smiling! :)! )
Here is my cased card! I love him! Look at that red nose. It reminds me of all the colds, stuffy noses, runny noses…OK, you get the message! (Yes, I am still smiling!)
I found this card on Dawn’s blog with a tutorial of how to create this card. She has a great blog and I find her so creative, warm, and someone I admire! Thank you Dawn for sharing your creative ideas!

Stamps: Happy Everything, and Pick a Petal
Ink: Ballet Blue, Ruby Red, Basic Black
C/S: Ballet Blue, Ruby Red, Basic Black
Accessories: Stampin’ Write Black Marker
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