Nerves on end!!!

by ktstamps, 5:57 PM
This year I have had the opportunity to coach two basketball teams. One was 6th grade and the other was 7th grade. The 6th grade went undefeated until our play-off game and they were deer in the headlights. Nothing went into the basket and before we know it we were down by more than 10. We were the team to beat but sports just like life can get in your way. The girls started being mad at each other, mad they didn’t get more playing time, and frustrated they didn’t win. I had a hard time that they didn’t win but I have realized that losing is a great way to find out how badly you want something.

Tonight the 7th grade girls play for the championship! They are a team that should have lost but play with great heart. When they want something…they go for it! When they played in the semi-finals, they beat an incredible team. They fought till the end and left it all out on the court! I love watching girls play like that!

So, today I have been very nervous, I spent a lot of time stamping. I am about an hour away from the tip off and my stomach is doing somersaults! If my stomach is like this…I think about the girls. I just want the girls to play hard, not give up, leave it on the court, and believe in each other and themselves!

Here’s to a great game for the 7th grade girl’s team! I'll let you know how we do tonight! Go Lions!
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