A card for my nephew

by ktstamps, 2:54 PM

I made this card for my nephew. This is a Thomas Kinkade stamp called it doesn’t get much better. I love to fish…this has been a way that I can be on the water, relax, and when a fish is on-get such an adrenaline rush! I live for that rush when I am fishing! But then it’s so easy for me to go back to that relax state where being on the water sooths my soul!

I made this card with a technique called Pastel Detailing and Cracked Glass. I love this picture…it reminds me of what the streams/lakes use to be in Montana in the 60’s. Where I use to put a marshmallow on my hook and pull up trout for dinner. OH!!!! How I loved trout!

Thank you for sharing this walk down memory lane with me! kt
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