You ask where have I been?...

by ktstamps, 7:31 PM
Thank you so much for those who wrote me an email wondering if I was OK and tell me I was missed! What a great feeling!
Well, here is what I have been up to! I got an early Christmas present. My stamps room is my old bedroom. I have this big closet and the room is a little tight! One day I went over to Kathy’s house and saw what she did to her room. It was fabulous. She had gone to the store called Storables and installed a craft room organizer. Well, her room is a little smaller than mine and it really made a difference. So, I decided that I wanted to do something with my room. When you are a demonstrator, you have too many stamps, to much “I need to have gadgets”, and a place big enough in your house to host a class. The difference between Kathy and me…she can organize and keep her room clean. I am not a cleaner or organizer! I think my mom forgot to pass that gene on to me! This is what I was working with! This is my stamp room! Yes…it’s a MESS! Really, it never got very clean! (I have shared too much information!) :)

As you can see, I really needed help. First I ordered. The first day I went down to get the 20% off for the craft stand and then I come back five days later for the "HOW TO" class. I got 25% off of that. It's almost like remodeling your room. It's not cheap but I really like the way it turned out! Below are the boxes and some part of the putting it all together. (OH! I measured and re-measured and I was still off by 3". That is 3" too much! I spent so much time running back and forth! I didn't think I would ever get it together.) Even the cat was in the box! :)

So then I had to put my room back together. NOW...that was the problem. So many papers, papers everywhere. OMG! I didn't know I had that many! So, I got my 3 hole punch and now they are in 3 ring binders. I do need more. This is what my room looks like now. I am so happy and I have 2 drawers left over! Still trying to figure out if this works for me!

As you can see, 2 weeks is ALL it's taken me to get my “craft heaven” room organized. I would like to give a big Shout out to Kathy for inspiring me! Santa has come early in my household! kt
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