This weekend, we decided to stay in our house. We have been back and forth about what we want to do about our house. So today we brought in some boxes and started to unpack. I am excited…tomorrow starts my big adventure…I will turn my closet in my stamp room to a storage area. So, I will get 20% off a stand and then on Saturday, I will go and order my storage from Storables. I am ready to get my craft room ready to do some serious creating.

On Saturday, I went to stamp with Donna! (She is celebrating 500 hits; enter to win some blog candy. Hurry!) We made a couple of cards, she helped me with my blog, and we started a paper bag book. This was so much fun. I love spending time with her. She is a very kind person and an incredible artist. Please take a look at my book.

Monday is one of the best days to shop on-line. Have a great day.
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