Build a brad

by ktstamps, 6:00 PM

We are thrilled to announce that starting October 5, 2007, Build-A-Brad will be available for you and your customers to order! Find Build-A-Brad on page 189 of the Fall-Winter Collection 2007. For more detailed information about Build-A-Brad, see the Product Guide.

We've Resolved the Quality Issues!

We appreciate your patience in waiting for us to resolve issues with this product. We worked with the manufacturer and have finally accepted a replacement product that meets our rigorous quality standards. We are confident that the manufacturer will continue to ensure that the product meets our high expectations.
If you order Antique Brass Build-A-Brad (item 109108), you may notice tiny pieces of grain (rice shells) in the tin. Our manufacturer uses this grain during the unique finishing process. This grain does not pose any safety issues. Be assured that the manufacturer goes to great lengths to remove all visible grain inside the kits. However, now and then, you may see some grain stuck under the prongs of the brad bases. Feel free to remove them.
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