Tonight is just chit chat

by ktstamps, 11:23 PM
Today was our first volleyball game of the season. We have an offense that confuses the girls at times. Before our game, we went over the rotation. It made all the difference in the world. We got back on track and played well against a weaker team. In girl’s sports, they don't like to beat a weaker team the way boys do. Girls like to make sure they keep it close and then wonder why they didn't play any better. Tonight was not like that for this bunch of girls. I was very proud of them for playing hard and continuing to keep their game at a higher level. We had great serves, a couple of awesome spikes, and good passes! Well done!
Tomorrow our practice is quiet unique. We will practice from 3:30-4:00. Then get our pictures taken. NOW…think about this…girls, pictures, practice…what do you think? Will they practice hard to look flush in their pictures??? I don’t think so…I will teach them a new skill and see if they can get the grasp of a jump float serve! At least they won’t be thinking THAT much about primping, combing their hair, or make-up! Then we take pictures from 4:00-4:30 and…you guessed it…WE HAVE PRACTICE FROM 4:30-5:00! LOL!!!
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