The shower!!!

by ktstamps, 7:50 PM
Today was one of those days that the little thing sent me over the edge. Remodeling the bathroom has been quite a chore. Today it was time to put in the new bath tub! Well, what went wrong did go wrong. Kelly sent me out to buy plumbing stuff! (I would have used another word instead of STUFF!) I went to two of our major home supply places and getting someone to help can be a hassle. Then when they don’t have what you want and you can’t get anyone on the phone…is another problem. So I trekked back and forth to both places, at times, guessing what I should buy. (OH, I also did a lot of returning the items that were wrong!) So, my last trip…I HAD IT! I told Kelly, he needs to go look for what he wants. He’s such a great guy, he did! But little did we know that the shower plumbing would break…water all over the place and he looked like he took a shower in his clothes. The bathroom was flooded! We ran around and turned off the main water to the house and then had to turn off the hot water heater. OMG! I couldn’t mop fast enough! Well, he was running to the store buying all the wrong gadgets for this shower. Every time he turned the main drain on…he took another shower. He finally decided to plug all the pipes and he will come again next weekend. OH MY! (I am still mopping the floors to get the water off them!) LOL!
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