by ktstamps, 7:49 AM
Sunday I went to a PMS meeting. (Please Mentor Someone) This is a group of Senior Supervisors in SU who want to move to the next level of SU! We support each other and give ideas on how we can do SU better to increase our sales, recruits, and projects. This month we did Christmas projects. It was sooo much fun! We drove to the boonies and this woman has an incredible house and a garage that has a stamp room. (Next year the stamp room will get bigger due to the fact she has talked her DH into making their two car garage only ONE! NICE!) These women are artist. They really know how to create and it’s an honor for me to ride on the shirt tales of what they create.

The project below was made by Donna. She is so talented.

This framed picture was made with the new Blizzard wrapping paper from the Holiday Mini. It's a wood frame and has a card type picture in the center. Wouldn't this make a great gift for the Holidays.

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