My head is spinning

by ktstamps, 10:49 PM
I have been spinning around like a tornado. Yesterday Larry, my mechanic, told me he just saw the great car and thought I should call the woman who owned it! So I got her number and called. She was wonderful. Vicki has a great spirit, no nonsense, and has great stories to tell about her history. We took the car out for a drive and asked if we could get it checked out by Larry the next day! At the same time…I had to call Julie E and tell her I couldn’t make her swap today! Remember, I re-made my card and the shoe box was ready to show! But, I felt like getting transportation was more important! Vicki was so gracious; she let me take the car to get checked out. Larry called and said…”you need to buy this car!” It’s in Great shape and I knew I could give it a good home. I offered a price, Vicki took it, and tonight I am a proud owner of my NEW *used* car! In the short time I have had the car; two people stopped me to tell me how much they like my car!
Here is a picture of the new car in my life!
Of course, from her best backend side view!

I am beaming! Thank you Vicki! Thank you Larry! You have helped me through a rough time!
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