My car

by ktstamps, 8:00 PM
Remember that new green car??? I took it in to get all fixed up by Dr. Larry and the next day I was driving home from a class downtown and something happened with the oil. The emergency light came on, my oil light, and blue smoke started coming out the back. I was on the freeway at 2:00, my volleyball team was leaving at 3:00, and I was in the MIDDLE of downtown Seattle. (That was probably about 5-6 miles away from where I lived.) People were honking their horns, I am trying to get the car to Larry…you know that at times the oil light comes on and you are fine! Yes, the blue smoke out the back should have let me know it wasn’t fine! So, I got a hold of Larry and he told me to PULL OVER! So, I am on the side of the road and I waited for 1 ½ hours for AAA. I waved to my team as they went by on the bus. I got the car to Larry and he told me that I should have pulled over and called AAA sooner. (I am a woman driver…I want to get to a safe place…I panicked!) So, he told me I may need a new engine but I could run it for awhile with this tick in the engine. I got too much air in the pipes and he feels the only way to get that air out is…a new engine. I have been talking to my car and telling her what a great job she is doing, driving me around town and keeping me safe!
So, the moral of the story…pull over whenever you see blue! :)
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