I love my baby!

by ktstamps, 10:04 PM
It was dust and I was driving back from getting some food. This weird electrical smell came out of the blue and made me sick to my stomach. I drove my BELOVED baby the next day and I didn’t get a woof of that nauseas smell. I decided to be on the safe side and taking to my guy “Larry”. He is the best and is so gracious about the joy he has working on your vehicle. He has had my baby for 4 days. Yesterday, he decided to replace a part and put the car back together. He wanted it to run for a few minutes to see if he could still smell this problem…when the center consul catches fire. This is my baby! I wanted a new car but not right now…I am taking a year off so I can have peace, no stress, enjoy the things I haven’t had time to do! So, Larry suggested that I call my insurance company and have some one come out and give me an estimate. This is my baby! I love this SUV! So, after I cried in my beer, I realized how lucky I was to have the car in a safe place and no one in the car. (I don’t have a fire extinguisher in my car! OOPS, I will NOW!) I thank God Larry has taken great care of me and I thank God no one was in the car! (This isn’t my car but it looks like mine!)
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