My bathroom is the next house project. This little corner has a bit of dry rot from the outside of the house. This corner was glued together when we were trying to sell the house. (But I did write about it in our house report!) Now it's time to get fixed. Really I have been hoping for a new bathroom for 12 years. So, I have torn off all the wall paper and I am ready to paint it a new color. For all you SU will be brocade blue! I am very excited to get this project under way. I have ordered all the Formica for the counter, got a new tub and stall insert, medical cabinet, and then a couple of Longaberger wrought iron racks from my good friend Kathy!

More pictures of my bathroom. You can see where the tub is...we are lucky and don't have the dry rot we suspected. Great news!

The white cabinet on the wall is due to me stripping the screw! OOPS! That was a chore to get off the wall! :) The mirror is no longer on the wall...I am excited to have the new medicine cabinet put in! (Yes I will put new picture on the blog when our house is completely sided!)

This is the story of my life! (For right now!)
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