Next stop was Oslo!

by ktstamps, 10:55 AM

We happened to look at our return flight tickets and found that we weren’t going to make the plane back to Seattle. We had 2 hours to get from JFK to Newark. People told us that it would be about an hour and a half ride. So...Oslo was used as our final shopping stop and panicking about our return flight! I don’t think I saw much this day! It was a beautiful day! We got there in the afternoon and left the next afternoon. It was one of those relaxing times you have to walk around and to drink good coffee. (This ships coffee was watered down!)
Time is winding down and reality is coming back into view!
This little mermaid is the main attraction
of the city! People come from all over to
see her!
Cars they drive!
This was one of my favorite pictures.
It's a fountain in the middle of town.
Lots of people take their work day break
at this fountain! Seagulls! Gotta love them!
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