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Klaipeda was where we were at port the next day. What a beautiful place. They were having a big concert that night and a big street fair! Amber is the stone of that area. This area is known for its amber! Every shop you looked at or went in had handcrafted jewelry, canes, or knick-knacks. It was beautiful. (Yes, I bought a couple pairs of earrings!) The photo above is Sandy and her mom.

The streets were made out of cobble stone. They were filled with music, dancing, food, and lots of shopping! The music was incredible…Peruvian Indians were playing windpipes and the sound they were making just touched my heart! It’s the type of music that makes your own soul sing! I wanted to buy their music but they didn’t take US$ or Euros. I was very disappointed!
As the ship was pulling away from the harbor… did you know the ships can move sideways? I was quiet shocked! (Little bird walking!) Back on subject, the concert was going on! People were singing, music was great; the ship is blowing its whistle. That was the end of a perfect day!
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