An early start!

by ktstamps, 5:11 PM
The next morning, we left for Helsinki! I was up at 4:30 AM. Who know what time it is in Seattle? My internal cloak is REALLY off! I worked out in the exercise room at 5:00AM then went to Seaside café to have coffee. I meet the most wonderful people! One was the daughter of the guest speaker. He worked at NASA and had retired. He gets to have a guest travel with him on this cruise. (He was an incredible speaker!) Then I meet Arlene. Boy did our souls connect. We just talked like we were old friends, interrupting each other, changing subject, and just really enjoying our company! (You know these people who touch your life and it happens every now and then!)

We walked around Helsinki. Every nice place to travel. We were very tired due to the time change and didn’t really push ourselves. Hit a “hot spot” Rick Steve’s talks about in his travel book. Then I hit the internet café which was located in a big department store and headed back to the boat.
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