Constellation of Celebrity Cruise

by ktstamps, 7:28 PM
Today we were on the sea. I haven’t talked much about the boat. There are about 2000 people on the boat and 1000+ crew. It is like a small city. Every night they have different forms of entertainment. They run from incredible magicians, pianist, night club performers – some famous, to spectacular dance and performance shows. Bingo, gambling, dance lessons, wine tasting, lots of different rooms that house singers, music themes, and comedians. A floor dedicated to shopping, alcohol, or forgotten toiletries. The boat had three dining rooms - 2 private, 1 Restaurant, and one outdoor café. (According to Sandy, that made the best burgers she has ever eaten.) They had espresso bar, 3 cocktail bars, and music all around! Spa – One night we had this wonderful treatment…mini facial, body exfoliation, hair treatment, and three different spas – moist heat, dry heat, and aroma therapy. I felt so spoiled. I also but a few bids on reflexology for ½ price and one that treatment.

When you on are a cruise ship, it’s really hard to say what is a good or bad day! Your food is the best and very rich, you don’t ever have to clean up, every morning by Sunshine – his real name, my room was cleaned two times a day, my bed turned down at night with a piece of chocolate on the pillow, my laundry done, an exercise room close…WOW! I could do this 360 days a year!
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