At Sea and Riga

by ktstamps, 9:37 PM
We were at sea for a day. My problem is Sandy had won big at blackjack and woke me up at 3:30AM! She was bouncing off the wall! So, she fell asleep and I was WIDE AWAKE! So, at 4:00 I was up working out and reading Harry! It was wonderful, me Harry and an exercise bike…I WAS IN Heaven!!! I wanted to finish the book but I also understood the bittersweet ending!

Riga was our next stop! My only goal in was to find an INTERNET CAFÉ! (On the ship it cost $60 for 120 mins. My first try I used up over 30 mins due to uploading my pictures onto Sandy’s computer.) So we got took a shuttle to the town. Talk about traffic jam! I really thought Seattle was bad…OH MY! We catch a city tour bus to show us around the town. The city tour lasting about an hour took us 2 1/2 hours. I thought I would never see the inside of an internet café. My concern was both Sandy and her sister fell asleep and I wanted off this noise, smelly bus! (I now call the city tour bus the sight sleeping tour!) :)
Finally, I got to the internet cafe! Foreign countries are great. You can drink a beer while you are doing email. I got to the café and asked to do internet for 1 ½ hours. (Still I didn’t get through all my mail!) But I shared a beer with Karen and we worked away at our email! It was one of those Kodiak moments.

When we got back to leave, a line had form to get back to the cruise ship. When out of the blue, A MONSOON hit! OMG! I held my umbrella out directly in front of me and it rained from the side. I was a drenched rat! Then one bus pulled up for 300 people! People went crazy and it was like a mob mentality! They were pushing, shoving, and knocking others down to get on the bus back to the ship. A little old lady couldn't get on the bus due to this fact. Three buses came and people were nuts. When I finally returned to the ship, I was soooo wet that only my chest was dry from where I held the umbrella! :)
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