Welcome to my BLOG!

by ktstamps, 8:50 PM

I am so happy to finally launch my blog. I have been in the works for months. Trying to figure out how to create this blog has been a challenge. I have spent many LATE LATE nights trying to figure out how to get this to work! AND...look at me now! I am hoping that down the road this will be easier for me! :)

To introduce myself...first you need to met my babies! I have 4 cats that I could not live without! I am an animal nut that loves to talk about my babies! The two cats in the picture are important men in my life! Arty is the oldest at about 18 years. Zues is the dominate one! OK, OK, enough about the cats.

Please check out my SU website. Feel free to leave any comments that you have about my site and thanks for stopping by!

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