Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I have loved this cruise.   It has been incredible.   I have so many pictures to share and so many stories.   It is really expensive to be on the internet on the ship so, I find internet cafes.   Today I am in Copenhagen.   I decided to leave the group to find *my* internet cafe.   Well...I asked for lots of help to get to this place.   OH MY!   I am out in the sticks.   But, people have been very kind but it was scary getting on a bus, usually it was the wrong bus...thank goodness I had found a wonderful woman from London to help me out!   Now, I have to find my way back.   I am a little scared!   The woman left me instructionsto return...I just HOPE I get off at the RIGHT stop.  I have stories to tell and pictures to share.   BUT, I think I will have to wait until I get home.   

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Michelle said...

I'm waiting for you to get home because I can't wait to hear your stories!!