Tuesday, July 17, 2007


I love my banner. Michelle Weaver aka "Princess Matilda loves to Stamp" created this banner for me! I met her doing a "one on one" swap with Technique junkies! She has been a great friend and has touched my heart with so much love. Thank you so much Michelle for being my friend, my teacher, and my sister. To take a look at Michelle's blog click here.

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Michelle said...

Kivonne, thank you for being so kind about the banner I made. I really enjoy playing with graphics, so it was a pleasure! As for a picture, I can't get anyone in my house to take a picture of me when I look normal. Usually I'm all decked out in PJs, no makeup (don't wear much anyway), hair undone, making weird faces because I just ate something nasty. I love your camel pic! How round can you be as a PE teacher?