Why Wait???

by ktstamps, 11:06 AM

Three Easy Payments Option for the Starter Kit is Here! March 13, 2009

From today through April 30, 2009, new recruits can take advantage of our Three Easy Payments option for their Starter Kit. If you have potential recruits who are concerned about being able to pay for the Starter Kit in one up-front payment, let them know they don't have to wait or worry any more about whether to sign up to be demonstrator. The Three Easy Payments option is the ideal solution. With just an initial partial payment, new recruits can get their Starter Kits right away and start building their businesses. Two subsequent monthly payments will take care of the rest.
Let prospective recruits know that now is the time to sign up! With the discounted Sale-A-Bration Starter Kit price and the Three Easy Payments option, they'll have the opportunity to take advantage of two great financial benefits at once. Once Sale-A-Bration is over, they'll still have through April 30 to get the Three Easy Payments option, but why wait?

For more information about this limited-time Starter Kit payment option, see the Three Easy Payment option or email me at ktstamps@gmail.com

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