Happy 4th of July

by ktstamps, 3:58 PM

God Bless you all! Have a great day with your family!

25% of Hodgepodge

by ktstamps, 4:59 PM

From July 1 through August 10, the following Hodgepodge Hardware finishes are being offered at a special 25 percent discount:

Aged Copper Hodgepodge Hardware (105532 ) on page 188
$27.95 on sale for $20.96

Antique Brass Hodgepodge Hardware (105531) on page 188
$27.95 on sale for $20.96

Pewter Hodgepodge Hardware (105515 ) on page 188
$27.95 on sale for $20.96

Running Don't wait...contact me today if you are interested. Promotion is only good while supplies last!

I love this Home Decor stuff!

by ktstamps, 4:36 PM

Stampin’ Up! NEW product line: Décor Elements.

Our Décor Elements product line is self-adhesive vinyl art for walls, mirrors, windows, or other hard, smooth surfaces. It is an extension of our Definitely Decorative home décor line, which is another way to express your creativity--just on a larger canvas than a card or scrapbook page! Décor Elements takes that same idea and uses a different medium to accomplish the same mission, making your home a beautiful representation of your style. And it’s inexpensive compared to painting, framing art, or buying new furniture!

This natural extension of our products is also right on trend, and our artwork converts from stamp sets to vinyl art images with ease. You’ll love the unique experience of Stampin’ Up!’s Décor Elements vinyl art. Décor Elements images and techniques available also coordinate with our existing products. We brought you Two-Step Stampin’, so why not two-step and three-step vinyl art that will really catch your attention? For example, apply a vinyl frame to a wall or window, and then apply a letter inside it.

Vinyl art is a hot trend that will continue to become even more popular than it currently is, and this is only our initial offering. By starting with a carefully-chosen sampling of products, we’ll be able to expand and adapt to what’s popular and what customers like best. We’ll be able to evaluate and change the product offering quickly and efficiently.

Whether you want to spice up the walls of your home or frame a home décor piece for display, Décor Elements is easy to apply, easy to love, and easy to remove.

This is my take on MY HOME DECOR...
This is my cat Xena...she greets us everyday at the top of the stairs. I believe in positive statements and mantras. When I walk in the door, she greets us with a big "MEOW" and I re-enforce how much "I LOVE MY LIFE!"