Throw the Dice Thursday 12.7.23

by ktstamps, 3:25 PM
Today was Throw the Dice Thursday.  The dice I threw 2 weeks ago were In-Colors, Sponging, Birthday, Embellishments, and Fun Folds.  So I did my best to include all of these in my cards today.

Pocket Note card Holders

by ktstamps, 12:00 PM
Have you ever wanted to give a simple cardholder gift to friends, family, or as a gift?   Today I will show you how to create this simple note card holder!  It’s a simple and wonderful idea to share as a quick and easy gift.  I think everyone who receives one will LOVE IT!

HDS-Stack-Cut-Shuffle Technique

by ktstamps, 6:11 PM

Today instead of using a sketch, we are doing a technique called Stack-Cut-Shuffle.  I have also heard it called Stack, Slice, Shuffle.  Whatever it's called, it is so much fun to create 3 fabulous cards.

HDS with Inspiration!

by ktstamps, 3:40 PM

I love Wednesdays!   I spend my time creating wonderful cards on the weekend and I share them with you on Facebook Live!   I feel like I am living the dream!   Thank you for sharing this time with me!   

Hump Day! So excited for today!

by ktstamps, 3:57 PM
I got another sketch from Really Robin.  She is so incredible.   Her sketches are so much fun to create cards too!   I really appreciate your talent for creating awesome sketches.  

Today's Sketch looks like this:

TTDT 11/15/2023

by ktstamps, 6:07 PM

I really like the challenges that Throw the Dice Thursday brings.  It's every other week and all determined by the luck of the throw.  

Hump Day Sketches 11/14/2023

by ktstamps, 6:00 PM

The sketches for 11/14/2023.  The cards are fun and very colorful.  I hope you enjoy what you see.   Below is the sketch that I used.